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One-to-one lessons with an experienced tutor is the best way to learn a language as learners progress far more rapidly when having individual lessons than when studying in a group. We operate nationwide and we have a pool of more than 600 expert tutors to choose from. The main languages we offer are French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Mandarin and English as a Foreign Language.

per hour

We only employ high-calibre tutors with a proven track record in language training. Course fees for one-to-one lessons are charged at £35 per hour. All materials are provided. We will assess the learner’s level of proficiency and find out his or her learning objectives so that we can then design the course according to the learner’s individual requirements.

Once we have established the learner’s language training needs we shall select a number of potential tutors. We shall then send you each tutor’s registration form which includes information on the tutor’s teaching experience, educational background and nationality. We will also indicate each tutor’s availability. If more than one tutor is available this will allow you to choose the tutor you think is most suitable.

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